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Restaurant Kitchen



Chinese sand Continental Cuisine Setup

In the set-up, from left to right is a Vertical S.S Refrigerator , then is a work table with two undershelves which has all the ingredients, then is the Chinese Wok - the Chinese two burner range installed with a ceiling exhaust hood , the last counter is the continental food counter , it has an undercounter refrigerator with working counter top and a sandwich griller and lastly a  wall mounted single deck pizza oven.

The kitchen is the most important functional aspect of a restaurant , a well equipped and planned kitchen is capable of increasing the efficiency of the staff manifold. Crest Equipment & consultants are well versed with the needs of the modern day restaurant and the staff that runs it. Showcased below are some of the projects accomplished by Crest Equipment & Consultants.


Indian two burner and Bhatura range

In this pic , on the right is an Indian two burner range along with a single burner kadhai range for bhatura , fitted with a wall mounted exhaust hood.
also can be seen is a counter top undercounter refrigerator and a sink table alongside , fitted with wall shelves of equal length for added storage.



South Indian , Indian & Continental Setup

In This pic , on the left is a Dosa Plate , then placed is a Two Burner Indian Range, Then is a Chinese Two Burner range,
On the right there are two under counters , an oven and a sink unit.


Indian Tandoor And Chinese Setup

The Setup Shows a Brick Tandoor , a Sink Unit , a Two Burner Indian Range , and a Two Burner Chinese Range, Fitted with wall mounted Exhaust Hoods.

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